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The single most important factor in determining what is the right bike for you is experience. Your level of experience riding bikes will determine what’s the best bike that will provide you with a joyful ride, while keeping you, and others, safe on the road.

If you’re a new rider, look for the following:

Lighter Weight
A lighter bike will make steering, braking, balancing and accelerating easier during your learning curve.

Lower Seat Height
As a new rider, it is critical that you can plant both feet on the ground when you stop your new bike. This gives will give you confidence (and keep you safe).

Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
Bikes equipped with ABS are easier and quicker to stop. Again, when you are starting to ride, it’s all about safety!

General Purpose
A non-specialized bike does everything well. They turn easily, accelerate smoothly, brake confidently, etc. Pick a general-purpose bike to start out.

Dixie Cycle specializes in used Harley-Davidson bikes. We also carry great brands like Thunder Mountain, Triumph and Victory. Stop by today or look at our online inventory. We are confident you’ll find the right bike for you, at a great price!